Friday, 13 November 2009

A Trifle Expensive

I have it on good authority that THIS is the latest addition to Marks & Spencers' dessert arsenal:

Picking up where the Pain Au Chocolat Bread & Butter Pudding left off (remember that? It was about a thousand calories per spoonful and mysteriously disappeared a few months after that little factoid appeared in the news), this is the INSIDE OUT TRIFLE.

So indulgent was the aforementioned Bread & Butter Pudding, I actually had a proper tantrum on more than one occasion after screeching up to M&S in my pyjamas (gosh, they're becoming a bit of a feature) with wild hair and make up melting down my face, to discover that they had sold out. Ah well, the people who beat me to it probably died of gout.

Needless to say, I am prettttttty excited about this new treat which should be arriving in shops soon.

Aside from the fact it will probably induce a cardiac arrest if you eat more than one portion (but it will taste AMAZING), here's the other bad news:

IT COSTS £8!!!!

£8?!! For a trifle?!!

But who am I trying to kid, I would actually spend my last £8 on it. I don't have £8 though :(

So I have a plan... Fresh from my recent success in the local media, I am going to write to Mark and Spencer to ask them if they would like me to send me one to sample and review here.

If you are the M&S recipient of my email, thanks for reading the blog. I have been through a pretty tough time lately, and some comfort food would really cheer me up... PLEEEEEEAAAAASE send me a trifle! I have a feeling I will like it!

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  1. Inside out trifle was absolutely scrummy. Supposed serves 8 people. FAT CHANCE. Scoff it all by yourself for complete and utter indulgance or shared with you loved ones. Need to get another one asap