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Monday, 7 September 2009

The Fat Bridesmaid

Firstly, if you can see a classy pink leopard print frame around this post, apologies, I can't remember how to get it off. Which is what happens when I start faffing around with something I know nothing about.

Tonight I will try to write about the weekend - myself and Mr G went to Oxford for a wedding where I was bridesmaid - but in the meantime and as a direct result of the following two incidents, I am snacking on some grapes and melon in a desperate bid to lose some weight.

Incident #1: The bride's step-dad was showing everyone some photos he had taken during the ceremony, and I thought to myself "hang on, there were only two bridesmaids! So who is that fat girl in the red dress?" Oh yes, it was me. I didn't even recognise myself, that's how much weight I've put on since my own wedding.

Incident #2: A drunken reveller sought me out on the dancefloor to bump buttocks with me during the song Baby Got Back. Which, ironically was my choice for the play list.

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