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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Night Nurse Nightmare

A little word of warning to anyone thinking of taking some Night Nurse if they've got work the next day... DON'T!

Last night I was feeling a bit ill so took a couple before I went to bed around 10:30.
This morning I slept through not one, not two but THREE alarms and woke up half an hour before my shift starts at work.
God knows how, but I managed to get from slumber to car in about 4 minutes flat, and sped off to work hoping I wouldn't be late.
En route, a wave of hunger suddenly washed over me. I scrambled around in my bag and found a Rocky bar, which I wolfed down whilst waiting for some traffic lights to change.
"I'm still hungry!" I thought to myself, knowing that there were at least another two Rocky bars in my bag. I had another.
Still feeling shattered, I somehow made it to work in one piece and walked in looking like some kind of Banshee owing to my hasty preparation. I logged on with 30 seconds to spare and felt relieved that I had avoided being late.
5 minutes in, and I reaslised that not only was I still struggling to keep my eyes open, but my speech was much quieter than my usual bellow, and... was I slurring my words?! I only had an hour and a half until my first break, I could get a coffee then to hopefully wake myself up a bit. Propping my head up on my hand, I took another call. When I said "Jarden Jenta" instead of Garden Centre, I realised there was no way I could even stick it out till my break.
I went and spoke to my boss, who was quite amused by my sleepy demeanour, and she let me juggle some things around with my shift so that I could take a bit of time off.
I headed out to the carpark, put the driver's seat down in my car and went back to sleep for 45 minutes, using a towel I found in the boot as a blanket!
When I woke up, I felt a little more alert but was still knackered, so I made myself a strong coffee before I went back to work. "Need. More. Food" I thought to myself, and scrounged some money off a friend to get a chocolate bar, which I practically forced down my throat without even chewing.
I managed a couple of hours on the phones, aided by a vat of caffeine, but by 1.30 I could take it no more and had to go home!
Still starving, I ate another two Rocky bars in the car, followed by a huge bowl of cottage pie as soon as I got in the door. After that, I STILL had the munchies so rummaged around in the kitchen cupboards until I found some biscuits, and I polished them off too.

Finally, I fell asleep in front of a bit of Murder, She Wrote, and didn't wake up until Mr G came home at 5pm.

When he asked me why I was home so early, I explained and he laughed, "I thought you were a bit zombiefied this morning when I left for work".

So... I think I can safely say I won't be taking any Night Nurse again.

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  1. I'm not suprised - i used Night Nurse once when I was having trouble sleeping, it really does knock you out!!! Love the blog btw. Sarah (Bird)