Friday, 13 November 2009

The Sweet Smell of Success...

Last night I had a lovely surprise when my friend text me to congratulate me for being in The Evening Herald. I immediately panicked that I had been caught on CCTV doing something I shouldn't have, but then realised she was probably talking about the occasional Blog quote that features every now and then.

Further text conversation revealed that it was more than that...

Yes, it was only 6.30pm but I was already in my zebra print pyjamas and slippers. Mr G suggested we go and get some celebratory chips and pick up a copy of the paper en route. All the way to the shop we were debating which post they would have used, whether they would have edited any of it, and how much they had printed.

I waited in the car nervously tapping my feet, and when Mr G returned I practically ripped it out of his hand, scratching through the pages until I spotted "The Un-Working Girl" beaming back at me from Page 11.

Taking up almost half a page was an entire post of my work, with a little picture of me next to it!
"You look like a monkey in that photo!" Laughed Mr G. Ok, thanks love.

"Read it out! Read it out!" I cheered as we headed off to our favourite chip shop*.

"Have they changed it?!" Asked Mr G, before reading the first paragraph aloud.
"No! Those are my words! Oh God, skip to the end! I hope they realised it had the word "twat" in it!!" I giggled.

Thankfully the clever proof readers had spotted my profanity and changed it. Phew.

I was so excited I rang my Mum to see if she had seen it. She hadn't.

"What was it about?" She asked.

"Well, rather embarrassingly it was a big rant all about how much I love JEdward. With my PICTURE next to it! I'm going to be public enemy number one in Plymouth!"

"Oh no. Why did you do that? I wouldn't say any more if I were you" she warned. Thanks Mum.

Today in work I told about twenty people because I was still riding the crest of the wave, and to top it all off someone stopped me to tell me they had seen it!

So who knows what could happen next? If you would like to see more of my random twittering in The Evening Herald, please let them know here: - perhaps a little email to the editor would be helpful?!

Here's a little pic of my first (and maybe last!) work in print...

* My favourite Chip Shop in Plymouth, and I challenge you to find a better one, is THE CHIP STOP in Stoke...
If you've never tried it, get on down there!!

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  1. I see your chip shop and raise you Minchellas on Exeter street - absolutely top notch and reasonable prices too!
    And well done on being published....I must confess to being slightly envious, although I'm currently 3 for 3 for having letters published.