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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

What Do You Call a Blanket With Sleeves?

A Slanket, of course!

And I was the extremely grateful recipient of such a thing on Christmas day...

I first heard about the Slanket when a friend got one for her birthday and I came racing home to tell Mr G all about it, and have been pining after one ever since. It's basically an enormous fleece dressing gown that you wear back-to-front and ensures maximum coverage when relaxing on the sofa.

Mr G chose a brown one for me, which he claims is because it matches our crappy brown sofas, (but I suspect is more to do with the fact that if he wears it he looks like a jedi) which we discovered created the amazing illusion that I've been eaten by the sofa because all you can see is my head.

Here's me and Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, caught on camera by Mr G in a rather unladylike recline, having a sneeky little snooze during Poirot.

In a totally unrelated TV session yesterday, I also took a picture of The View From the Slanket:

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