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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Blog News

As mentioned before there are some exciting changes coming to the blog in the next few weeks...
Please bear with me whilst I faff around with the layout and learn more about HTML or something technical so it all looks a bit snazzier.
The main posts will remain the same but I want to feature loads of cool stuff down the side. I don't like to see a blank space - it's a bit too much like silence.
The idea is that you can have a quick gander around on your lunch break or on the bus if you've got a smart phone. I want there to be lots of fun and pretty things to look at, links to good websites and the usual silliness that I love.
I've been working really hard behind the scenes and talking to some glorious people in the hope that I can start making things a bit more interactive and informative. I'm going to be bringing you news of cool new features, promotions, honest product reviews (get ready for some pretty ugly "before" pictures of me) and hopefully some competitions, so please bookmark the page and keep checking back. The more readers, the better the content.

p.s. I realise it's a bit girlie at the moment. Well, I am a girl. But I've got some ideas in the pipeline to keep the boys happy too. Feel free to leave me your suggestions...

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