Sunday, 7 March 2010

Happy Birthday Mr G!

Today is Mr G's birthday, hip hip hooray.

We couldn't afford to go to Cardiff for the weekend and I know he was gutted as he wanted to spend it with his family, so I've tried really hard to make it extra special for him so he's not too sad.

On Friday we went to see the fabulous Nick The Fish play after work. We love him and the last time we saw him was when he played at our wedding, so it was a nice surprise for Mr G to turn up and have a song played especially for him as he walked in the door. If you ever spot one of Nick's gigs when you're out and about in the Plymouth area try to go along, he's absolutely brilliant. If it's worked, I've put a link to his Facebook site which has upcoming gigs. He's a really nice guy, has lots of banter with the audience and can play pretty much any song you ask him to. I can't stress enough that if you like a laugh and a good singsong he is DEFINITELY worth checking out.

After our spontaneous trip to watch NTF we headed round for a party tea at the Fox-Brown household where the husbands played boring computer games and the cool people sat in the kitchen drinking and watching Beyonce videos on YouTube. I was particularly impressed with Foxy Brown and her brother knowing the entire routine to this. Naturally I already knew it as I was Bey's body double in the video - not that I like to show off about it so I just sat and watched.

Then followed a small debate about whether Simply Red were any good. I must point out that I am not a closet Simply Red fan, but by this stage I had consumed about 2 bottles of cava and insited that they had quite a few good songs, making everyone listen to this as proof (skip to about 6 mins in). Actually I don't think I managed to convince anyone except myself but if nothing else I hope you enjoyed the nostalgic trip back to 1996 and TFI Friday. I was only 4 of course so I don't remember it......

On Saturday night I took Mr G out for dinner and I know this post sounds like one big plug but I've done some pretty sweet things this weekend that I want to share with everyone.

We went to the Mountbatten pub where on a Friday and Saturday night they do "Steak On the Rocks", for those people not familiar with the concept, you basically get a big hunk of steak on a slab of volcanic rock that's been heated to 440 degrees, and you cut off bits of meat and cook them yourself on your rock. We used to go to a place past Kingsbridge that did it back in the days when we earned a decent living but we can't afford to swan off out there once a week any more so I was happy to learn that somewhere now does it a bit closer to home.
I think it was cost about £11-£16 depending what type of steak you had, and it's really fun so if you're looking for something a bit different then try it! Probably not if you're a vegetarian though.

Off out for some more drinkies now then I might slank it up real nice on the sofa to catch a bit of the Oscars when I get in...

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