Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Meeeeee and Mr, Mr Jones

Tom Jones, that is.

Over the past few days I have developed something of an inappropriate crush on the Welsh Wonder.

It all started on Sunday night on the train home. Perhaps it was the adrenaline from my (un)broken ankle, perhaps I had overdosed on pain medication, whatever it was, it probably wasn't right.

Whilst listening to my iPod on "shuffle" (the best setting of them all... "What's coming next?!" - until you realise out of the 500 songs on your iPod you only actually like about 20%) I found that Mr G had very kindly downloaded the TJ greatest hits album without my knowledge and before long I was tapping my good ankle along to Sexbomb and having all manner of strange thoughts about Tom.

Hmmmm I wonder how old he is......

......Probably about 70... (A quick Wikipedia search confirms that yes, he IS indeed 70. Yes, a pensioner).............Is he attractive or is that just wrong......? Hmmmm.... Nope....for an older gentleman he is quite attractive........I bet he's got a lovely hairy chest! Imagine waking up next to Tom after a night of passion!......... Oooh you could get him to sing "What's New Pussycat?" to you every morning!

I wonder if he's all wrinkl....

"Ahem...Can I see your ticket please love?" Came a stern voice. I jolted awake and realised the conductor was standing over me.

"Oooh sorry! I was daydreaming about Tom Jones!" I immediately giggled. Only trouble was, I had the volume up a bit too high so didnt realise how loud I said it until I noticed almost the entire carriage sniggering at me. Whooooooooops.

But seriously, Tom Jones (click here), you still would though, wouldn't you?

Wouldn't you?!


  1. sue here - un-working girl what on earth!!!!! This has got to be the un-hottest Tom Jones pick you could have picked!!!!!! Haha, he is quite a hot 70 year old but this pic does him no favours hahaaha

    However the blog is as fantastic as ever xxx

  2. SUE How can you even say it about TJ?!
    He's hot to trot in that picture! Back in the 70s women probably fainted at the mere sight of that hairy chest gaping out of his shirt.

    But you didn't answer the question though...Would you show Tom a good time?!

    I talked about this with Mr G and he seemed surprisingly ok about it! I might make it my mission to track him down.