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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Snake Venom Wrinkle Filler, Trout Pout Lip Gloss... And more

My beauty editor friend has given me some products to blind test. I have no idea who they are buy or how expensive they are.
So far I have used a brilliant nail varnish that I suspect is very cheap (Hooray!), along with an expensive wrinkle filler that works, and my favourite... a plumping lip gloss that feels like it's sending me into anaphylactic shock 3 seconds after application.

I'm dying to cheat and find out what they are but I think it's better for reviewing them if I don't have any pre-concieved ideas of whteher they are going to be good.

As soon as I find out though I will be letting you know about the ones that worked...

You may also notice some more magazine-style content down the right hand side of the screen. I'm going to start recommending some of my favourite products and letting you know about exciting new ones about to launch. I've been working hard on this today so I hope you like it when it starts to appear.

If you are thinking this does not appeal to you then don't fret, the main posts will remain the same but I think it's nice to have lots of different things to look at when you visit the page, and it makes me feel like I've been shopping!


    i am suprsied you haven't discovered this! thought it would be right up your street! : )

  2. It does look cool but Louboutins are for life, not just a Christmas Party...

  3. haha.. very true! ; )