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Saturday, 24 April 2010

I Can't Flake Any More!

Right. I've got to get this off my chest.

I have eaten 30 Flakes (well, 38 including the non-promotional ones) in about 5 weeks. I have won 2 Benefit lipsticks.

My friend Suze has eaten 2 Flakes... and won 2 lipsticks. How is this happening?

I must stress that I do eat a ridiculous amount of Flakes (last week I got busted by Mr G, eating three in one day) and there are 1 million Benefit lipsticks to be won, so how come I have only won 2?

It's not even about the lipsticks, I would share them around. It's about my consumption-to-win ratio.

And another thing: When you go online to check whether you've won, it will only let you check two wrappers PER DAY!

Why does it feel like Cadbury's are subliminally daring me to eat so many Flakes that I die?


  1. Hehe, love this post lady. I did think of you when I won xxxxx

  2. Maybe put 50p in a pot and just buy yourself some lipsticks!