Sunday, 11 April 2010

They Think It's All Over. Trust Me, It's Not.

Since Friday I have been in an unfeasibly snappy mood!

I think it all started when, loosened up by a couple of beers, my Dad decided a family meal was the opportune time and place to start laying into me about the fact I have no money.

I mean, I'm glad he reminded me in such a public arena actually because I had practically forgotten about the big shitty skidmark that is my bank account, so it was probably a good thing he brought it up.

Since then I have just been really irritated by everything and every one whilst being totally aware that it's happening. It's a bit of a catch-22 being irrational and knowing it at the same time. Wanting to just scream your head off at everybody but then biting your tongue as you suspect you might be overreacting. Frustrating!

So you can just imagine the atmosphere chez nous this weekend as Mr G has watched 2 football matches (featuring 0 teams he supports), and now appears to have developed an unhealthy obsession with GOLF!

I can honestly say it is one of the most tedious things I have ever seen. I'm sitting in the living room typing this whilst Mr G has got it on in the background, and even the faint sound of the commentary and the annoying little ripples of applause and collective "ahhhhhhs" when the ball stops just short of the hole is enough to make me want to stick a biro into my eyes and gouge my brain out.

How can he sit there watching it on the edge of his seat like it's an episode of 24? GET IT OFF!

Oooh and just in case anyone cares, Tiger is back in the game. He appears to have been forgiven and no cocktail waitresses have so far come running onto the pitch (whatever) to throw a mojito over him, more's the pity.

Incidentally, we just had a brief discussion about my hatred of football and Mr G informed me, as he has done before on many an occasion, that "the football season is almost over love!"

And I informed him, as I have done before on many an occasion that the football season is never over.

They let you think it's over, but then you've got your UEFA Cup and your FA Cup and the World Cup and the Cup Winners Cup, and the Charity Shield, the League Cup, The African Cup of Nations and then when you really think there can't possibly be room for any more football in your life, you get the annual "All-Star" charity matches which I can tell you already will feature the following people: Robbie Williams, Jonathan Wilkes, Ralf Little, Ben Shepherd...

It's a wonder so many players find time to have all those affairs really, because the football season is NEVER OVER.


  1. Have you thought about taking up ironing? that would take your mind off the football.

  2. What is this "ironing" of which you speak?

    Did Mr G put you up to this?


  3. Have you a passion for the soaps? Football will always be a big part of a mans life. Ironing on the other hand is not.

  4. Sadly I am far too busy darning Mr G's socks, scrubbing the floors and ensuring there is a home cooked dinner on the table every night to have time for the soaps. Or ironing.

  5. I have mentioned your comments to the other half. Maybe you could give her some training? The new age glamour lady will not cook and clean. Off to the pub to watch the football.

  6. I have a great idea? why not join forces with anonymous above and have a football section on the blog. This will help to keep the blokes happy. spot the famous football star in a famous location in Plymouth.

  7. Hmmmmm in the interests of promoting equal opportunities I would be "happy" to include a small football section on the blog.

    If anonymous above is interested, email me at