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Monday, 19 April 2010

You're Not Singing Any More

Apparently there was a big televised match on tonight for the Green Army.

I knew this because my sister told me she would cry if they lost tonight, and I couldn't get anywhere near my house from about 6pm onwards this evening.

Well anyway, they did lose which appaz means they are "going down" or something. I don't know anything about football and I don't especially care but I do know it's quite a big deal for all the fans in the city who have spent all season out in the pissing rain watching by all accounts some pretty awful matches, and will obviously have financial implications for our local club so much as it pains me to admit it, I do genuinely feel a little bit sorry for all those Argyle fans this evening.

The whole point of this post however, was merely to recount the classic line Mr G (who has known me for 6 years) chirped to me as he left to attend the match earlier; "Look out for me on Sky Sports love!"

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