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Monday, 31 May 2010


I've not written as much as I usually do for a couple of weeks.
This is because I like to have a little break every now and then as believe it or not, all this yabbering takes time. Here's what's been going on:
Congratulations to my cousin and my friend Jessie, who have both had gorgeous little baby girls!

I've got a new job! Much as I enjoy my current one, and working with that slag, Nickers (who makes a damn fine cup of tea by the way), I was not earning enough money to fund my 20 a day Flake habit so I had to cast my net elsewhere and I am very excited to have got a job I reallllllly wanted. Fingers crossed this will be the last job change for some time, as I've had enough of moving every couple of months. Plus in my new role I think I am going to find plenty of the job satisfaction I have been craving since the dawn of time.

Me and Mr G celebrated our first wedding anniversary! Hell's bells. We celebrated like only we know how, by getting a McDonald's breakfast, followed by a trip to the cinema, an afternoon nap for me, steak for dinner and settled in for a night of Eurovision. Who said romance was dead? Robin Hood was pretty good, by the way, if just for Russell Crowe's amazing accent. If you didn't hear about it in the news, a journalist criticised his Nottingham accent in an interview, saying it sounded like he was Irish, and after having a massive strop, Russell got up and walked out.
He does sound Irish. Still a good film though.

And that is about it...


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