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Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Best Invitation EVER?

This morning I received what was for me, personally, the best invitation I've ever had. No offence, I've been to some lovely weddings and everything, but this is it...

Next Tuesday (15th June) KFC is launching a new breakfast menu, and to celebrate I have been invited to a special breakfast next week to try it out! In addition, the dress code is "sleepwear and bed head hair" (a look I have spent 28 years cultivating). So essentially I can just roll straight out of bed and rock up there to hang around with some press people and gorge on Cumberland sausages, back bacon and free range eggs, washed down with Lavazza coffee, then trot off to work. If only all parties could be this perfect.

What's even better is that YOU can get your hands on a free Bacon Breakfast Bun from the new KFC a.m menu if you go to the KFC on Tavistock Road between 7:00 and 10:30am on Thursday 17th June. In your Pyjamas.

Now I know a lot of my friends are bumming around off work at the moment, so I expect to hear reports of a mass back bacon shortage by 8am at the very latest. And don't pretend you're embarrassed about being seen out in your jim jams, we've all done it. Round my way it's become something of a fashion statement.

Only 4 cities in the UK are launching the new menu, so if you're reading this in Glasgow (hello!), Cardiff or London, you can also get your filthy mitts on a bap on Thursday - same conditions as above, you've got to be in your PJs, and I've put the participating stores below:

Glasgow, 178 Argyle Street

Cardiff, 127 Queen Street

London, 1-2 Coventry Street, W1 and 155 Buckingham Palace Road, SW1.

See you there! x

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