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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

What Time Is It?

If you remember, a few days ago I wrote about my invitation to the launch of the KFC:am Breakfast Menu in Plymouth, and my excitement at the dress code "Pyjamas and bed head hair".
So this morning up I got at 7:30 and quite literally rolled straight out of my bed and into my car exactly as I was.
I arrived at the KFC on Tavistock road and walked up the red carpet past a mock bouncer and into the restaurant, where I was greeted by about 5 girls from the PR company - granted in their PJs - but wearing heels and make-up! Ah well, it isn't the first time I've been in KFC wearing my jim jams I suppose.
I was shown to my lavish table, decorated with flowers, quirky glasses and colourful tablewear by a "waitress"  and then given a menu to salivate over.
Whilst I was choosing my order, I was brought a banana and strawberry smoothie to try. Mmmmmmm. It was lush!
I decided to go for a Breakfast Bun Combo, containing sausages (proper ones, not a sausage burger), omelette, cheese and brown sauce.
"Would you like a hash brown?" I was asked.
"Why the hell not!?" I replied.
"And to drink?" 
"Errrr, a coffee?" I asked nervously, not sure if I was meant to choose a coke. I was after all, in a fast food restaurant.
"Would you like an Americano, a cappuccino, a latte.....?"
"Oooooh a latte please!" I sang. This was brilliant!
"And what about some of our mini pastries? Would you like to try some of those? Or maybe a muffin?"
"I would LOVE to try some mini pastries please!" I chirruped. Does life get any better than this?
"Let me get you a paper to read whilst you're waiting" 

Ahhhh.... heaven.
So I sat there munching on my complimentary breakfast, which I can confirm was very tasty, sipping on my latte and catching up on Ronan Cheating Keating's damaged marriage, feeling only slightly embarrassed that I had taken the dress code quite so literally. I mean I could not have looked worse if I had turned up at a fancy dress party dressed as a giant cow pat.

The manager came and chatted to me for a few minutes and I found out that KFC breakfast is only available in a handful of stores across just 4 cities, including Plymouth, for the next year. Also, the KFC on Tavistock Road is the most profitable store in the whole company! I think we should give ourselves a big pat on the back for that and remember every time we buy a Bargain Bucket, we are helping the local economy.

"Do you mind if we take your picture for the Herald?" The PR manager asked me.
It turns out that as well as being fast food fanatics, a lot of Plymouthians are either very boring or do not surface before 8am as I was the only person there at that point, and it was very nice of them to invite me, so I couldn't very well say no.

If you think I am embellishing my appearance to make a better story, here is the evidence, which arrived in my inbox this evening. Note how all the other people look like models, and I look like a complete mess.

If you look closely enough (and please do), you'll see the great effort I have put in to not expose my stubbly underarms in the photo, and through that slightly awkward grin I am thinking to myself "Oh my GOD! I could have at least waxed my moustache. I hope it doesn't show up in the picture!"

But, hideous photos aside, I would like to say thanks to the lovely, friendly staff at the KFC on Tavistock Road for my delicious breakfast, I will definitely be back for more, and to Carolanne for inviting me.

Don't forget to turn up in your pyjamas tomorrow morning at that store for your free bacon bap!

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