Friday, 18 June 2010

Ready, Steady...COOK!

I am really hungry. I refuse to accept that there is nothing too eat in this house, I'm just not feeling very inspired...
There's hardly anything left in the cupboards but I thought if anyone else is not obsessed with the football we could have a Ready, Steady, Cook type game where I'll tell you what I do have in stock and if anyone is feeling creative they can suggest a meal I can make. Or, as I suspect will happen, nobody will leave any comments....

Here goes:
Boil in the bag rice
Tin of tomatoes
Handful of dried pasta
Stock cubes
Lasagne sheets

An old onion

I have some bacon and chicken in the freezer, along with half a garlic bread.



  1. do you have butter? .. if so...
    Chop and fry bacon, chicken and onion,In separate pan warm the butter add a tablespoon of flour and slowly stir in milk, which will then give you a basic white sauce, add this to bacon mix, cook pasta and serve.. et voila! yum :-)

  2. sounds like the makings of a nice paella!

  3. Thanks both! Very impressed with your culinary creativity. I ended up going for a sort of paella type thing but the Carbonara was also a good shout. x