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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Crepe Up

This weekend I found myself wondering what I was doing spending a Friday night watching rugby league on the telly.
After a minor domestic with Mr G, he conceded possession of the remote control then started playing some crap computer game on his laptop whilst listening to a Ricky Gervais podcast.

Meanwhile, I couldn't find anything decent to watch so decided to look for a film on the pay per view channels. I eventually settled for "Step up 2: The Streets" whilst force feeding myself everything that tastes nice in the house ahead of my self-imposed health and fitness kick that starts tomorrow.

Somehow, amongst all the other sensory stimuli he was subjecting himself to, Mr G still managed to find it within himself to form an opinion on the film and post a Facebook status update about how bad it was.

Let's face it, did it really matter that the acting was a bit ropey, the dialogue a bit naff and the plot fairly non-existent? NO! What mattered was that I got to spend the evening watching some pretty sweet dance moves, and at times, a fit man with his top off.

Later that evening in bed, I declared to Mr G that I have found somewhere in Plymouth that does hip-hop dance classes.

"One watch of that bloody film and now you want to be a dancer!" He chuckled.

"Yes love, I'm going to go on Tuesday night. I've got some baggy trousers and a crop top, and I think I can dig out an old sweat band from somewhere. I'll fit right in!"

At this point Mr G was doubled over with laughter. I'm not too sure what his problem was, I've made no secret of the fact I once played the part of Wendy in my tap school's performance of Peter Pan at the Athaneum Theatre.

"You wait! I bet you when I turn up at the class they'll know just by the way I walk in that I've got natural rhythm and they'll want to snap me up immediately. In fact, they've probably noticed me walking past their studios for weeks now and wanted to approach me but been too intimidated. This time next week I'll probably have a new job, flying all around the world choreographing music videos for rock stars... And in time I'll probably be asked to play the lead role in Step Up 4..."

"More like Crepe Up!" quipped Mr G.

We both laughed for about ten minutes. Of course this is a ludicrous image. One thing I am not good at is being cool. I'm not sexy, I'm not stylish, I'm not coordinated. I can't sing and I definitely cannot dance. I'm going to look like an overweight jellyfish being electrocuted. Beats going for a run though...


  1. No, I can't quite believe I posted that picture either...

  2. I can't wait to be able to go to the class with you. B1-ackers and Mr G, will soon see who has the MOVES!lol