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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Tasty Feedback from the Flavour Fest

The Flavour Fest is one of my favourite Plymouth events, and since Mr G is away on a lads' holiday I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to buy lots of fancy food that he would never eat and went with Skip.

After sampling the various ciders, wines and liqueurs on offer we were sufficiently inebriated to part with our cash. Skip practically depleted the stocks of the entire festival but I was on a tighter budget so came away with a more select haul - posh sausages, posh squash, posh tea and posh rice pudding.

Mr G thinks I have ridiculously expensive tastes. He's probably right. There's nothing worse than crap sausages. I hate cheap squash. I don't like bargain biscuits.

I make no apologies. I buy VERY cheap loo roll to even out the balance.

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