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Monday, 16 August 2010

Two Classics From Skipper

As mentioned earlier, on Friday I went to the Flavour Fest with my Dad, Skipper.

We caught the bus down and he admitted to me that he couldn't remember the last time he had been on a bus (living in a village outside of Plymouth it is not worth relying on public transport to get anywhere unless you don't mind leaving one day and coming back the next, ergo everyone learns to drive the second they turn 17). Similar to the way he was mesmerised by the cup holders built into the seat arms at the O2 Arena, he was flabbergasted to discover that when the bus stops, it lowers down to become level with the pavement.
"I can't get over that! Look at that!" He kept saying, all the way up Royal Parade.

Then he dropped the bombshell that he checks my blog every so often just to see what his latest tip is (how has he learned to use the internet? That's what I want to know) and has now recruited a colleague to help him come up with advice. They've got a winter special planned already!!

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