Thursday, 30 September 2010

Leaving... On a Jet Plane

Just a v quick one to say I'm going to be away for a week on my holibobs. The whole Un-Workinggirl gang will be there, Mr G, Mothership, Skipper, Hazel, Brother in Law, Fiver, Squiffy and JEdwards, so it will either be entertaining or fraught with tension. If it pours down all week, I will be working on some writing bits and bobs, so I'll update when I get back.

Regular readers will know a period of absence is nothing unusual for me, but thanks to Twitter (Current status: In love) we've been joined by lots of new followers (hello!) who might not come back if they realise early on that I'm a bit of a slacker.

If you really can't wait that long then I'll probably still be updating my Twitter, which you can read on the right hand side of the blog, or follow me @unworkinggirl...

Right, I really better switch off Lorraine and go to work. See you all in a week. x

P.S Don't bother trying to rob me while I'm away as there's nothing worth nicking.

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