Sunday, 10 October 2010


Awww that was a shame. The only group that were not manufactured by the judges and they're gone.
The public did not warm to Katie Waissel and her rainbow visors, possibly since finding out she already has a record deal in the States.

Notice also, how the performance she gave tonight was totally different to the one that was orchestrated for her last night. She may well be a gonner next week.


  1. What she has a record deal???!!! i had no idea. I totally thought she would buckle under the pressure of the sing off thing just like in every other pressurised situation we have seen her in, but no she sung really well and oddly unlike any time we have seen before. Didn't care much for Nicolo (sorry) but i hope your prediction for Paje isn't true next week. he is a cutie and can sing! Aiden to win though.
    Sorry i can't read your comments Live Em, but rest assured i am glued to your blog the next day to read your hillarious and very good comments! keep it up!
    Also Pixie loves Diva Fever she couldn't keep her eys off the screen, all that colour!! (i think she is biased as they have a jack russell!) who is Lucy Lu voting for?
    C x

  2. According to the papers (so definitely true):
    Just Google "Katie Waissel record deal" and you'll see loads of stories. Appaz she has recorded under the names Lola Fontaine and Katie Vogel... Crazy times.

    Glad Pix has chosen an early favourite. Lucy Liu wants Wagner to win.