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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Cher L from the Block

HERE SHE COMES! The girl who doesn't deserve to be here, wearing an outfit from Cheryl's Fight For This Love video.

Wonder if she'll rap about her "hood" of Malvern, Worcestershire again this week?

Ooh here it comes. Dammit. The rapping isn't as cringe worthy as I feared it might be.
The singing, on the other hand, and song choice, are rap, with a capital C.

Slightly embarrassed by Simon's defence of Cheryl at the end there. Nope, not as embarrassed as I am by Cheryl doing a big, chavvy, council estate whoop afterwards.
Not quite sure why they're all calling her "current" and "relevant". Alesha Dixon has been knocking around for years. Inter.

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