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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Hello Simon

I was unable to blog from the Balearics last week but I gather most of it has been said already anyway. I expect I'll brush on that later when we get to Cher (L) and Material Girl.

BUT I think it was hideously unfair that upon the "suggestion" of guest judge Nicole Scherzinger the criteria for each category were engineered to allow certain contestants through, and to make two groups out of 9 solo contestants. I was horrified, and felt certain that there would be another backlash. Had ITV forgotten about the numerous phone-voting scandals? Surely they would not be so stupid as to change the rules of the competition half way through? You might as well audition as a soloist for X Factor because at least then you stand a chance of getting manufactured into a group if they want you badly enough. "Oooh the papers will be full of this next week!" I thought.

Well then along came Cheryl and Gamu-Gate, so everyone forgot about the massive SCAM that I've mentioned above. I am still outraged.

Anyway, back to the show. FYI or whatever they were called were alright.

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