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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Welcome Home.... Weeeelllllcome....

I forgot to mention that when we got home yesterday, me and Mr G discovered that all our downstairs electrics had gone off. In a state of total bewilderment, I phoned Skip. The Mothership answered and laughed when I told her what was happening. As she passed the phone over to Skipper, I heard him huffing and puffing in the background; "How can her electrics have gone off?" - This is Skip's alternative response to "Well, they shouldn't have!".

Dad, I literally have no idea. 1) I'm not an electrician. 2) I'm a girl. 3) Just get over here and sort my life out!

Several of my friends rather sweetly, and I have to say naively, thought a fuse had just blown. I did find myself wondering where they had been for the past three years since we bought this absolute money pit of a house as I fail to see how they could have avoided hearing me wang on about the various disasters we have encountered. Oh no, of course it was nothing as simple as a blown fuse...

No no... A floorboard has been quietly rotting in our sloping hallway (possibly as a result of the botched roofing job we had done by a cowboy builder which left us with a massive leak that was cannot afford to get fixed and are unable to claim from our insurance) and over time this has meant walking down the hallway has  gradually pushed down on the wiring beneath the floorboards and somehow a nail from the floorboard has ended up pushing through into the main wire that hooks up to the electric thing that powers all of our downstairs sockets.

Mr G said he could have cried when we first realised we were faced with yet another drama, and I must admit that even my blitz spirit is fading fast. After three years of disasters I have now lost sight of the vision we once had for this lovely little house.

Thank God Skipper was able to patch up the latest problem for now.
Right, I'm off out for that coffee. And checking my Euromillions ticket on the way. Wish me luck...

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