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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Leave Dick Alone!

A couple of days ago I was mildly amused by news reports that Dick Van Dyke claims to have been saved by dolphins when he fell asleep on his surf board and drifted out to sea. Oh this is just the kind of zany story I would expect from DVD!

Anyway, in the middle of the night before my operation, Mr G woke up to find me wide awake, looking at Twitter.

"What's up love? You alright?"

"No really Mr G! I've just been re-reading the stories about Dick Van Dyke and the dolphins and I'm not happy at the implication that he might be going a bit nuts!" I explained.

"Oh right." He replied.

"People keep making it sound like he's made it up! If Dick Van Dyke said he was rescued by bloody dolphins, then he was rescued by bloody dolphins and that's the bloody end of the matter!" I snapped.

"In fact, when I go under my anaesthetic tomorrow I'm going to imagine I'm just relaxing on a surf board and DVD is circling round me, riding on the back of a dolphin. And Barry Van Dyke is whizzing about nearby on a jet ski".

"Alright then love." Mumbled Mr G as he rolled over and went back to sleep, leaving me still shaking my head and tutting to myself.

Photo: Los Angeles Times

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