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Monday, 15 November 2010

New Fix Factor Conspiracies?

Courtesy of Twitter this evening, two new potential embarrassments for X Factor bosses - neither of which started with me, by the way, I'm just repeating what I saw in the public domain.

I never really bought into the "Fix" claims and Mr G is now laughing at me for going all "Pelican Brief" on him but check this out:

First, someone posted a picture from an old copy of Elle magazine, of Kelly Osbourne at an event with Storm Lee, who, if you remember was chosen to go through to the live finals by Louis Walsh and Kelly's Mum Sharon.

Then someone else posted this link, which would appear to show Simon Cowell's favourite contestant, Katie Waissel performing on last year's show with JEdward, followed by this picture. Is it really the same person?

Before I had chance to finish typing it up on here, I went back to find the Storm Lee pictures and they had mysteriously disappeared?

Thoughts, please...


  1. Oh the horror I cannot believe you have just managed to get me watching bloody Jedwood... Evil lady!
    But I am happy to believe it's all a fix ;)

  2. According to Heatworld, it's now confirmed that it is not Waissel? Looks like her to me!