Thursday, 2 December 2010

A Teeny Weeny Vapour Cloud of Success?

Can we go, with Bompas and Parr, where we failed so miserably with Dirk Benedict, Sara Cox and Tom Daley?
When I say "we" I of course mean "I".
Further to my recent excitable posting about the incredible food masters, I have a monumental update from Mr Bompas who (and I quote) "will have a little think" about coming to Plymouth.

Now in my mind this essentially means it's a done deal and it's going to happen, but the hard part is going to be convincing them. We have a fabulous city in Plymouth, steeped in history and beauty, so I'm sure we can put them in touch with the right people to make one of their projects a reality. Thanks for all your suggestions so far - I'm going to email the list off tomorrow so there's still a bit of time to leave more comments and ideas.
Let's DO THIS.

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