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Sunday, 6 March 2011

She's Adele-uva Good (Genius Plymouthian Wordplay)

I totally love Adele.

I was so excited when I saw she was coming to Plymouth Pavilions on September 4th that I momentarily forgot I'll either be in labour or nursing a newborn baby on that date.

Ah well, now I've got my nipple shields I'm sure Adele wouldn't mind me sitting backstage whilst she sings her beautiful lullabies to Baby G. She seems like a nice girl like that.

If you missed her on Radio One's Live Lounge the other week it's definitely worth looking for on YouTube. Not only does she sound even better live than she does on her album, but she also achieved what I previously thought was an impossible task - making one of Cheryl Cole's songs sound good.

I've put a little clip on the left hand side of her performing at The Brits.  Unfortunately we'll probably all be sick to death of this song in a few weeks because it is everywhere but for now if you've ever had a broken heart, enjoy Someone Like You....

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