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Friday, 15 April 2011

Gone Gaga

I am in such a bad mood today. Here's a little sad face to prove it :-(

Let's all put it down to my hormones and just keep out of each others way until it passes, shall we?

Being pregnant is really cool but I have been struggling with my anxiety levels the past couple of weeks. So much so that last night I got in such a stress I went into the bathroom for a little cry over nothing.

After. I. Managed. To. Calm myself down, I went back into the living room snivelling and still feeling a bit sorry for myself. Suddenly I got a text message from my husband, who was sat in the same room. Suspicious, I opened it, and the photo that appeared was both so funny and so horrendous that I started to laugh and cry at the same time (has anyone else ever done this? I do it a LOT) ... Some of you may remember that when we first got our iPhones we used to take sneaky photos of each other without the other person knowing and then text them to each other...Well whilst I was having my little meltdown in the bathroom, Mr G had very kindly crept out and taken a truly hideous photo of me trying to get ready for bed, grumpily wrestling the dog off the crotch of my pyjama bottoms.

In spite of constantly embarrassing myself on here, I would like to maintain a small shred of dignity (at least until I have to give birth) so I won't post the photo, however much it cheered me up. Hmmm... I could possibly be persuaded.

Meanwhile, let's make do with a little video of Lady bloody Gaga falling off a piano live on stage. HA!

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