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Saturday, 20 June 2009

Thanks For Checking Out The Blob

Just a quick one to say thanks to all those people who've signed up to follow the blog or stopped by for a read so far. It's much appreciated. Apologies for the complete and utter saturation of my promotion of it, but I need to get zillions of readers in order to do some of the things I have planned. Plus, I need people I don't know to join so they can leave feedback. Thank you for your help!

I told my Dad about the blog yesterday, and he keeps referring to it as a "blob". Which I suppose makes me a "blobber".

I've had a day off from the job hunt today, which means I've managed to clock up the following snooze statistics: Sleep from 1am - 8am, 8.15am - 11:20 and 12:15 - 15:45. Lovely.

Got something funny & cheeky planned for next week...

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