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Monday, 20 July 2009

The Birthday Girl

Apologies for lack of posts recently.

T.U.W.G celebrated her birthday on Friday so had a busy weekend.

Money is still mega tight for me and Mr G, so I asked him not to get me a present. Instead he got me a lovely card and brought me breakfast in bed, which, frankly, is enough to keep me happy anyway. We had a quiet night in, which was a bit depressing as we both wanted to get out to celebrate my new job, but for once common sense prevailed and we ate some nice food and I fell asleep on the sofa at about 10.30 - a perfect night in for me at least!!

Since we got married a few months ago and received very generous gifts from our guests, I also asked for no fuss from people, as I feel I have been spoiled enough for one year and nobody else has any money either. But spoiled I was nonetheless, so thank you to all my friends and family who treated me during these difficult financial times. It was not necessary but greatly appreciated.

I was particularly thrilled to come home to find someone had sent me some beautiful flowers, which turned out to be from my fabulous friend Jed (whose daughter turned 1 yesterday, so happy birthday to her!).

Receiving flowers is an unusual occurrence for me (take note, Mr G) but they are something that give me great enjoyment so I thought I would share them with anyone reading this in the hope that they will spread some cheer to you too... Thanks for reading, love me xxx

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