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Monday, 20 July 2009

My Work in Print!!

I must confess, when I recieved this email from The Herald:

"We’re working on a redesign of a page in The Herald which will allow us to run some of the blog content in print – I’ll keep you informed."

(Which featured in an earlier post), I did allow myself visions of a half-page weekly column, establishing a career for myself as Plymouth's answer to Bridget Jones / Carrie Bradshaw / Bill Bryson. Let's face it, I already had the desk, now all I needed was the opportunity.

Someone commented on one of my posts telling me that a section of the Blog had appeared in the Herald and that is how I found myself inducing some kind of exertion-based cardiac arrest, sprinting to my local Co-Op, one night last week.

I got home and conducted a rapid scan of the paper. Nothing.

I checked again. Still couldn't see anything.

I called my parents, wondering if it had been in an earlier edition of the paper and later reduced by something of actual importance. They went off to have a look.

As I put the phone down, Mr G handed me back the paper, open on Page 11. More commonly known as The Letters Page.

I looked at it blankly, scrunching my face up in confusion.

"Bottom right" he nodded.

There, in print was a random quote from one of my more distressing posts, where Mr G had to sell his PS3 because we were so skint. It was barely visible and it wasn't even funny!

Just then, my Dad rang me back having also found it, probably with the assistance of a magnifying glass, and asked me what it was all about.

"What do you mean Dad? It's a quote from my Blog" I told him.

"Yes, but your Mum wants to know why you're making your husband sell stuff"

"Ummmm, because we haven't got any money Dad???" I replied, not sure how this could be misconstrued.

"Yes but surely it can't be that bad love? I thought you had saved £3000 to finish the house? Use that for the time being."

"Yes, I did have £3,000 put back but I don't any more Dad"

"Well where's that gone? Spent it in bloody America, I suppose?"

"No Dad!" I was starting to panic now, at 28, I still hate having to answer to my parents. "I spent it on paying bills and paying for the wedding. We literally have nothing left!"


I later sent him a text because I know how much they worry, and he replied again offering to lend us his holiday money.

So thank you, Evening Herald for single handedly getting me into trouble with my parents and dashing my hopes of being a published blogger!

And also thanks to all the people who have said they would like to see more of the blog in the Herald! Let them know! xxx


  1. No Problem, glad we could get a few words in for you. Apologies there wasn't room for more (still working on that) but the general idea is just to get people across to read your blog.
    Getting bloggers into trouble with parents is just an added side-effect ;)

  2. The Unworking Girl29 July 2009 at 16:36

    Hahaha fair enough!
    This weeks was at least funnier!