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Friday, 10 July 2009

Get Rich...QUICK!

Whilst sitting by the phone waiting for a call about the job, and periodically double checking that the phone is actually switched on, I'm sifting through some of the money making schemes I mentioned in an earlier post...

A quick check on Mazumamobile and Envirophone tells me I could make up to £100 for sending back all the old mobiles I found lying around the house! Definitely worth doing.

I've emailed pickmeup magazine to see if they're interested in my sledging accident story. Waiting for their response... How could they not want it? In my humble opinion it is one of the best stories ever.

I've found how to submit my wedding photos to Cosmopolitan Bride, but I think this will just be for the glory rather than a profit... There was no mention of payment.

And I've found a Car Boot Sale on Sunday... Although it is my sister Fiver's Birthday on Saturday, so whether we will be in a fit state to sell our junk to the masses remains to be seen. So called because of her incredible ability to get her hands on cash or a free meal at any opportunity, she did give me a fabulous insight into the world of car booting the other day though...
"Take it all, they'll literally buy ANYTHING".

We'll see about that!

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