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Friday, 10 July 2009

Waiting By The Phone

I had a second interview yesterday for the job I described on Monday.
I thought it went quite well and I really want it. The job itself sounds really challenging and combines my weird mixture of skills, the company is expanding so there could be lots of opportunities, and the people I've met there have all been really friendly. The job is a totally new position working on a new area for their business. I didn't feel out of my depth at all during the interviews, and felt like I had a lot to offer them. I left feeling quite confident.


I got the feeling they wanted someone to start on Monday and I was expecting them to call yesterday afternoon to let me know either way. Now they didn't actually say they would call yesterday afternoon, that's just the conclusion I jumped to.

There was no rejection letter in this morning's post but I still thought I would have heard something by now if I was successful because I know they need an immediate start.


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