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Monday, 6 July 2009

Little Bridget Jones Moment

Chocolate biscuits eaten: 5 (whoops), Calories consumed from aforementioned biscuits: 520 (do these count, as celebratory?), Job interviews: 2 (v. good)

The interview this morning went quite well, I think. The iPhone directions did me proud and I arrived uncharacteristically early. The lady who met me seemed really nice and we just had an informal chat about the job, the company and my work background. They're holding second interviews later this week so I should find out on Wednesday if I'm through, and it sounds like they want someone to start on Monday.

The job itself is a new post, coordinating a new contract that the company have taken on for the new academic year. It sounds like it's going to be totally hectic but very rewarding and amazingly, well matched to my previous experience. I'm trying not to get my hopes up though as there's a long way to go yet.

I was starting to think I had nothing to offer anyone so it was quite a turn up for the books to get a phone call this afternoon inviting me to another interview for a job I felt a bit underqualified for!

I celebrated with a cup of tea and 5 Sainsbury's Taste The Difference All Butter Quadruple Belgian Chocolate Cookies. It takes less time to eat one than write the name, trust me!
They are one of the most indulgent treats you can purchase for £1.29, and I highly recommend them. If you're a biscuit fan, check them out and let me know what you think!! My record is 6 in one sitting, if anyone can beat that without throwing up, I want to hear about it.

Ok, I'm signing off now because this is crap.

I don't want to waste the delights of my impromptu trip to the Jobby this afternoon if my writing's not up to scratch!!

I'll try again tomorrow xxx


  1. Well done Mrs G!
    Hope it all went well - keep us posted,
    Lots of love
    Mrs B

  2. Well done TUWG, though that cookie thing is fighting talk methinks!