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Sunday, 5 July 2009

What the HELL is 'Don't Forget The Lyrics'??


  1. It's like karaoke, but on TV, with Shane Richie, but you don't see some of the words, and if you can sing them, or say them, or use a WWTBAM-style help thing, you get some money. Or not.

    I think. Maybe. Then again I only saw a bit of one once and it was a Christmas special, so I'd had a bit of egg-nog. I may have been watching my neice play SingStar on the PS2.

    Was Shane Richie in my house at Christmas?

  2. Wow! First and foremost, WOW! Have been sat on the oatmeal couch looking at my job app situation and decided to 'constructively distract' myself with your blog.

    Have almost required Tena from laughing so hard, and cried at the sad state of affairs.

    Sat in the 'Jobby' (FYI which my bro refers to as a #2) three years ago, I could not fit all of my quals in the 70 character box which normally hold the words 'No formal education completed'. Gutted, couldn't even squeeze in the BA Hons. The lady looked shocked. That's right, some of us DO want to work, do want to contribute and my god, want to retain some of our self repect, self worth and dignity.

    Keep up the good work, we're following!

    F**kface x

  3. Un-Working Girl6 July 2009 at 16:33

    God. Imagine if Shane Richie WAS at your house at Christmas?!
    "Sorry Shane, I've slipped into a Turkey-induced coma. You'll have to do your 'Songs From the West End' medley some other time"