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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The Return of The Un-Working Girl

I suppose I should write an update about my current employment situation, since that's how this whole thing started:

So to briefly recap, as we seem to have gone off on something of a tangent recently:

End of April: My employer enters into a 30 day consultation period for redundancies. Out of 20 people in my position, 14 of us face the chop. The 30 days end on May 29th. May 29th is MY WEDDING DAY.

Mid-May: I head for the hills as fast as I can, confident in the knowledge that as a graduate with 6 years managerial experience, I'll walk straight into a new job and be able to spend a tidy redundancy settlement on lovely new shoes and my Honeymoon in Vegas. Feeling quite positive about the whole thing really, nothing to worry about. Plus I get two weeks off work to relax before the wedding.

June: Get back from Honeymoon with no money and start taking the job search a bit more seriously. Oddly, nobody has snapped me up yet. Decide to set up this Blog, documenting my struggle to find work - since I've got nothing better to do.

July: Finally get offered a new job.

August: New job going well. Can't believe how lucky I am!

September: New job turns into disaster. The arrow points to "DANGER" on the Stress-O-Meter. I realise it's serious when I am unable to eat.

October: After advice from my GP and Mr G, I quit the job before I have a nervous breakdown. Get offered an entry-level temp job back at my old work, earning half my previous salary and have to take it as nobody else wants me.

November: I hate my new job more than my old job. Still nobody else wants me.

December: Am very miserable and have turned into bitter old lady a la Catherine Tate's Grandma or similar. I won't be satisfied until everyone else around me is miserable too and start on a quest to achieve this goal. I'm not earning enough money to pay my outgoings. I have debts. I am 15 minutes late for work due to a genuine alarm clock malfunction which sets into motion a chain of events that result in me becoming unemployed. Again.

And here we are, up to date...

So things are getting pretty serious now. Me and Mr G are at the end of the line financially, and something has to happen very soon. I'm not especially worried about our house being repossessed as I doubt anyone would want a mouse infested, half finished, stairs-falling-down money pit with ivy growing inside the bathroom. But joking aside, I really need to do something.

The trouble is, and I know people will criticise me for saying this, I am fed up with doing things just for the sake of it. I have stayed in touch with most of my former colleagues and we all had to rush into the first job that came our way and I'm not the only one who went into the wrong job and is now suffering because of it. I know beggars can't afford to be choosers but I have spent the past 6 months stressed, ill and miserable, earning rubbish money trying to keep this leaky roof over my head. I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me, and I don't expect anyone else to understand the circumstances that have lead to me being in this position but nonetheless, I am fed up of being that person and am trying desperately to regain control of my life.

So, I am currently standing at a career-crossroads and time is not on my side. I have decided to leave it up to fate to show me which path to go down, and I am basically waiting for everyone to get back off their Christmas holidays so that a decision can be made.

The possibilities are as follows:

  1. I get offered a new job in Plymouth (not if any potential employers are reading this!), and pursue a couple of bits of writing work that I'm waiting to hear about.
  2. I work in London during the week and come home at weekends, with a view to seeing what happens with this writing lark.

Just realised two options don't really make a crossroads, more of a turning, but you get the idea.

Understandably, Mr G isn't too keen on the second option. Certainly I don't want to move away from my family and my new husband, but if I can earn more money to create a happier long term future for us, and have better opportunities to make a go of something I really want to do, then I almost feel like I have no choice. I certainly have very little left to lose.

So the race is on... Who will respond first?
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  1. Ive followed the money all my life,20yrs,8 countries and 3 marriages later I wish Id stuck it out where I was in the first place.If you dont value your relationship then follow the money.