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Monday, 4 January 2010

Phantom The Graw... Whoever you are

This morning I woke up with a vivid recollection of a very bizarre dream I had involving my brother-in-law.
Not as dodge as it sounds...

I immediately felt compelled to send my sister a text documenting the entire dream, which was lucky as I then forgot all about it until spotting the text later in the day:

"I have just awoken from a very bizarre dream of a video text you sent me where your husband performed a stand up act at an open mic night, under the stage name "Phantom The Graw", which consisted of him running around the stage pretending to play the instruments that were already out for another act, before kicking his shoes out into the audience in front of an animation of himself that said "Phantom The Graw...Whoever you are" with a bent over bottom doing a fart!! The crowd went wild!!!"

I appreciate that this post might seem a bit random, but something about this whole episode has really tickled me. I was still chuckling at the amazing nickname when I was waiting for my interview today - but that soon wiped the smile off my face (more on that later).

I am prone to the odd odd dream, and many a time I've woken up convinced that it actually happened. Like when I was dumped by my first boyfriend and spent the entire summer in bed, crippled by devastation, and awoke from one fitful sleep with the sinking feeling that I had phoned his mother and begged her to make him go back out with me. Imagine?! Come to think about it, he never really did speak to me again...
I often feel like this after a night on the vino actually - except then, whatever I'm hoping didn't happen, probably did happen.

Anyway, all of this pales into insignificance compared to this story from my friend Strickers, who once woke up to a load of panicky texts from her boyfriend. A quick check back through her phone revealed a missed call from him at about 2am followed by a text asking if everything was ok. She looked back at her sent items and discovered a text she had no recollection of sending him in the early hours saying "There will be some casualties. Be careful", and suddenly remembered having a dream where she was a psychic who was drafted in to help the Police during major incidents. In the dream, there had been a Road Traffic Accident and her Policeman boyfriend needed her help to locate the casualties and to assess the situation before calling for help. The text was her pretty spot-on psychic prediction (!), which we all found hysterical but no doubt gave her boyfriend a cardiac arrest when he woke to find that on his phone.

Leave me some comments about weird dreams you've had...

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