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Monday, 11 January 2010

Right to Reply

Having deliberated for some time, I have chosen to leave the previous post on here because I think the damage has already been done, and the response it received shows that many people felt strongly on the subject.

Sometimes when I am writing this blog, it's a bit like a diary and I don't realise the impact of what I'm saying, but I'm sure you can imagine my horror at being outed as a complete nutter in the paper last week.

Regular readers of the blog will have understood the relevance of the subject in relation to my situation. Yes, they were my words, and I am not ashamed of what I wrote, but to say I was upset at having it printed in such a huge paper without my prior knowledge is an understatement.

Critics will say I should not have disclosed such personal information in the public domain, but I think of this as a controlled environment where I have the power to delete or edit posts as I see fit, and people can only read what I write by bookmarking the page or searching for The Unworkinggirl.

Sometimes I write something and have second thoughts so I remove it. I was very nervous about the previous post and considered removing it several times, but I didn't get the chance before the whole of Plymouth got to see it.

As mentioned in the post, it is a subject I have never discussed with my parents (non-blog readers but daily Herald readers), but since Friday I have been engaged in a series of rather uncomfortable discussions with both of them and this has caused me great anxiety. Not to mention a huge ticking off from my mother. I was not trying to make any specific statement or start a debate on the subject, although I appreciate all the comments that were left.

Things might be a bit quiet for a while whilst I am considering my options, I'll certainly be thinking twice about what I write about in future.

I hope I have not trivialised something that for many people is a very big issue.

Back to my usual cheery cynicism from now on...

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