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Sunday, 31 January 2010

I'm Back!

Ok everyone the Hiatus is over.
I've had my little sulk and I'm back.
The new job seems to be going quite well so far. This time I'm really not going to be saying anything more on the subject, as I would quite like to keep this one!

Have had a busy few weeks settling into my new job and getting used to catching a bus to work (more on that to follow), and you know what it's like when you're doing something new and you get home from work shattered?

I have just about got over "Nutter-Gate", and have been surprised by some of the unlikeliest of people confiding in me that they are in the same boat. I'm still a bit embarrassed about the whole episode but I am glad that it opened up dialogue on a subject that many people feel uncomfortable talking about.

Nonetheless, the awkwardness it caused (in particular with my family) is not something I wish to repeat.

Just to draw a line under the topic, I would like to thank everyone for all their comments and emails, and stress that I am very well at the moment so please don't worry about me!

In addition, if you think you are affected by depression, I would urge you to talk to someone you trust straight away. During my darkest hour I truly believed that there was no hope for me and convinced myself that I had gone mad. I will be forever grateful to my friend Sammy for not running a mile when I confided in her and making me believe that things would get better. She was right, so I just want to end this post on a positive note by encouraging anyone who might find themself in that situation at the moment not to give up, and please just ask someone for help.


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