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Friday, 12 March 2010


The past few weeks I have been beyond exhausted and have come dangerously close to hitting the "alarm off" button instead of "snooze" on several occasions. Whoopsy.

Yesterday morning I hauled myself out of bed and couldn't help but laugh when I looked in the mirror and saw this munter looking back at me...

Never mind hitting the snooze button, that's enough to make a girl hit the bottle. Or, if you're me, take a photo of yourself to post on your blog so everyone else can share the amusement.

Anyway, thankfully I managed to sharpen myself up a notch before getting to work, with the help of a new product I've been sent that I was looking forward to testing.

During my teens when I was marginally cooler than I am now (which is still not even cool enough to register on the cool-o-meter), I spent many a blissful day following around my gorgeous surfer boyfriend like an adoring puppy. Aside from the minor hurdles of having to shoehorn myself into a wetsuit and actually learn how to surf, I've always thought I would have quite enjoyed that lifestyle primarily because for the first time in my life I would have found a place where my wayward hair could be considered normal, especially after a couple of hours sat on a beach with the salty wind whipping my frizz into lush, tousled waves.
Yes, there were at least a couple of occasions where my hair had gone from truly hideous to alright. Sadly it was not to be, as this lifestyle was brought to an abrupt half for me when at the age of 18, said boyfriend quite spectacularly ditched me with the now immortal words "I just want to be 17 again". Little did I know on that day that years later, I would be dumped by someone else using the exact same line. Looking at the picture above, I have to say they probably both had a lucky escape.

Anyway ever since I have been tempted to try this hair product called Surf Spray, which is supposed to replicate that same tousled, beachy look that I so loved. But it costs about £20 and I could never quite bring myself to part with that much cash when I could have just gone to the beach for free and bottled a load of seawater to spritz on my hair.

So it was with great delight that I got given the opportunity to test out a much more affordable product along the same lines this week. I've tried it twice so far and both times people have commented on my hair looking nice. I just sprayed it into wet hair and let it dry naturally, creating relaxed, slightly messy, beachy hair. I was worried that it might feel a little bit brittle or salty when dry but it was actually really soft. The only thing I would say is, it does not feel nice the next day and did make my hair more prone to knots so I would probably wash it out before going to bed in future but apart from that I liked it and will definitely be using it again to channel my inner-surfer chick.

I have put a picture below so you can judge for yourselves whether it worked, and is it just me, or do I actually look 17 again too?! Hahaha. That was just a joke....I hadn't worked out how to wax my moustache when I was 17.

Salt of Mine Wet N Dry Saltwater X-tra Strong by GOSH is available in Superdrug stores any day now, priced £4.49

Anyway, I'm not too sure how I've skipped off onto that wild tangent. Ah yes, it was the morning photo that did it. My original point was.... if I find it virtually impossible to get out of bed before 8am on mornings when I have to go to work, WHY HAVE I BEEN UP SINCE 7 ON MY DAY OFF???? Seriously, when I've got to go to work I feel like the world is about to end when I have to get out of bed, yet today when I can treat myself to a lie in, I'm up and out earlier than usual! Arrrgggghhhhhh.

I couldn't get back to sleep so here I am, at 8:30am writing about surf sprays on my blog, eating toast and listening to a bit of Simply Red which I got Mr G to download for me last night (I've made a final decision, they ARE good).

We're off for a lush Storm watching weekend in Newquay with some friends shortly, it's going to be lovely. Oooh I might go and stand on the beach for a couple of hours to get a photo of my hair for comparison! Ahhh that all tied together nicely and I didn't even plan it....

p.s. Nickers, if you're reading this it's obviously not as busy as we feared at work today! Keep an eye on the treat box...Love you (but not as much as I love Ursher) xxx

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