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Friday, 12 March 2010

A kick to the Nads... Take THAT Mark Owen

Oh Mark Owen, what have you done?

Before I start on this, I would like to make it very clear that I am not a man-hater. I know that not all men cheat and I know there are women that cheat on their partners too. But come ON!

Now it turns out that Mark-bloody-"Johnson's Babe-Power"-Owen has been doing the dirty on his gorgeous wife too. What is going on with the world?!

Yesterday the cute, adorable, hippy one out of Take That felt the need to confess to the Sun newspaper that whilst his wife has been Up All Night with the kids, Marky Mark has been Relighting His Fire with lots of other women. What is this, a competition with Tiger Woods? Large-scale infidelity appears to have become something of a fashion trend lately. Please can someone famous give me something different to write about!? A nice bit of charity work or something?

I'm not too sure why Mark suddenly wanted to come clean to a tabloid newspaper rather than just have a quiet word in his wife's ear behind closed doors. Could it be that someone was about to break the story on his behalf?

Anyway, it's OK because Mark tells us all of this happened BEFORE they got married. And he's not done it since. And he's been battling a booze problem. But that's got nothing to do with it. But he's going to bring it up anyway.

Like David Beckham and Vernon Kay before him, why does it seem so much worse when it's someone you thought was a good guy? What next? The day I find out Pip Schofield has been biffing Holly on the This Morning sofa, I think I'll have to go and stick my head in the oven.

Please could some famous men buck the trend and start being nice? PLEASE?!

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