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Monday, 22 March 2010


I've won on the Euromillions! I'm not going to let it change me though.
I'm not sure £6.20 is going to go very far but nonetheless I created something of a commotion in my local Co-Op when I found out I had won this morning.
The man behind me in the queue looked at me sympathetically when I was informed of the amount, and then raised an eyebrow when I continued to cheer "I've WOOOOOOONNNNNN!", pumping my arms in the air victoriously.

I immediately sent a text message to Mr G letting him know the exciting news, and he replied asking what we should spend it on.

You might be thinking we have over-reacted to winning an hour's pay at the minimum wage but when you think that my mother had to take me on a food shop over the weekend as our cupboards were literally empty, it really does feel like we've hit the jackpot. (Incidentally, the Mothership did quip that "you pair could do with not eating for a couple of days!", but that's another story.)

I'm not even exaggerating, believe me, if I had loads of money I would spend it quicker than I could replace it, but when you've got nothing a surprise windfall, no matter how small, is happy news.

Following on from this lucky streak, I ate the last Flake that I had bought with some money we made by getting rid of our old clothes, and was overjoyed to discover that I have finally won another lipstick!!! We've been having, quite frankly, far too in-depth discussions at work recently about the odds of winning one and I was starting to think the national Flake consumption was at a dangerously high level if there are a million to give away and I'd only won a single lipstick based on an average of one Flake per day for the past fortnight. But for the purposes of consumer research (and collecting the entire set), I shall continue to eat them at this rate so I can provide an accurate account on the chances of winning. No need to thank me.

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  1. Hey!! If you do your shopping online at and get it delivered for the first time you can get £10 off, it costs £3 for delivery on Tuesday or Wednesday nights, so you end up £7 in profit and gain back at least (in my case) 3 hours of your life!! Yay!! Also if you collect clubcard points you can do a special easter deal and buy 5 items on the list for a £1 and get 300 points which converted to rewards means another £7 in profit!! ooooooh yummy easter eggs and hot cross buns plus a bunch of daffodils xxx