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Sunday, 18 April 2010


As I've mentioned before, Britain's Got Talent is not my bag.

However... I was round my friends last night and it was on in the background. Suddenly, mid-way through the conversation we both stopped talking and found ourselves staring open mouthed at the TV before collapsing with laughter at this guy:

Kevin Cruise. He's orange. He's doing a medley. He's got a cardboard cruise ship taped to a skateboard. What's not to like?

I'm ashamed to admit I got a taste for it then, and ended up watching the rest of the episode. So just to rebalance our chakras, here's someone good:

Tobias Mead. He's cute, he's dancing like a robot and he's called Tobias. I want him in my life.

There was a girl singing White Cliffs of Dover and all the papers had a hoo ha about her being too young to sing such an emotive song, and there was a little drummer boy whose Mum & Dad formed a band with him. Mum chose her outfit for the performance from her Ann Summers collection. The parents were booed off and the kid got through on his own. Throw in a couple of camera-shy animals with mental owners, a few ugly people who the audience jeered until they displayed some actual talent, a pensioner and a gaggle of scantily clad dancers and there's your episode done.

And just to end on a high note (literally), check out Lin Yu Chun, who has been called "Taiwan's answer to Susan Boyle" for his surprise performance on a Taiwanese singing competition and I'm sure was thrilled to earn himself the nickname "Little Fatty". I think I want to adopt him.

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