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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Nickers Sings The Hits... With A Twist.

Yesterday was the worst day at work. EVER.
For no particular reason other than my stress levels seem to have doubled in the space of a week since starting the Stress Buffet, and every little tiny thing was annoying me. How I escaped that office without inflicting upon some unsuspecting door slammer a paper cut to a main artery I'll never know.

So perhaps as a result of all the tension from yesterday, Nickers and I today found ourselves behaving a little more, shall we say, deliriously than usual.
It started with me daring her to respond to an email from our boss asking for a Polish or Cantonese speaker to translate some documents, pretending that she could speak Polish simply by adding "ski" to the end of every word. After a right old belly laugh about this prank, there then followed a pretty non-descript conversation which lead to the amazing discovery that Nickers can very realistically sing songs as if she were Cantonese.
I mean actual Cantonese people would probably be mortally offended and think we were massive racists - which we are NOT. Fact.

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