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Monday, 10 May 2010

Co Co Co Co-Damol, Co Co Co Da Face

I did plan to write some stuff tonight. I've been to Manchester for the weekend to watch Peter Kay so was going to review that.
However, I went to work today with a headache and after Ibuprofen didn't touch it, someone offered me some Co-Codamol.

I've never taken it before but thought "ahhh, what harm can it do?"

Well I will tell you what harm it can do... Ten minutes later I was slurring my words and sat with my head on my desk, alternating between panic that I was going into anaphylactic shock, and laughing because I couldn't feel my face.

Lest we forget, I'm the girl who recently had to sleep off a Night Nurse in my car when I was supposed to be working. My workmates told me I shouldn't have taken it on an empty stomach and we grappled around looking for things I could eat.

Here I am mid-way through an attack of the munchies.. Brilliantly, this picture shows that boot camp couldn't come soon enough (next week everyone. Arrrgh) and it's about time I warmed up the Immac strips again. Look at that Tache!!!

 So I am still a bit out of sorts today and will catch up tomorrow! x

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