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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Number 10, Gary's Den?

Never talk about money or politics, so they say.

Political opinions aside, it's difficult to escape the situation that is unfolding this evening.

On the edge of my seat, I am watching "Breaking News" of a helicopter following a car meandering through the streets of London. Wowzers. Gripping stuff.

The Queen has just accepted Gordon Brown's resignation (errrrrr.....didn't he resign yesterday?!) but before she can settle back down to the rest of The One Show, David Cameron is now said to be on his way over to Buck Pal to officially clock on as Prime Minister.

It's been a turbulent few days that have seen people being turned away from polling stations, Brighton going Green and Nickers coming up with the idea that Sherbet Dip Dabs could be renamed Lib-Labs if it all panned out how it looked like it might for a while.

 As a nation, we couldn't make our minds up either way. We didn't really want Gordy anymore. We didn't definitely want Dave Cam, and we couldn't bring ourselves to take a chance on the Cleggmeister.

But it does now seem that after a lot of late night meetings and Nick Clegg playing the political field with the kind of panache that would make Tiger Woods proud, we are on the verge of entering into a Con-Dem coalition. I don't mind really, I doubt very much that when I wake up tomorrow morning anything will be ANY DIFFERENT.

Which leads me to think we might have all overlooked a rather simple, yet genius solution to who should run the country...


Now bear with me, I've thought this through...

  • He's got charisma and a nice face, so we won't mind when he's giving us bad news.
  • We all love to watch the triumph of an underdog, and it's been brilliant to watch "The Fat One Out Of Take That" reclaim his rightful position in pop music, perhaps it's time to take it to the next level?
  • He's done a lot of charity work so we know he's kind, selfless and honest.
  • He's an experienced project manager (He organised the Mount Kilimanjaro climb) with strong influencing skills and is a confident public speaker
  • He could possibly clear the budget deficit using his royalty payments alone.
  • He's already more popular than any of the other candidates for PM
  • A family man, he appeals to a diverse range of people and everyone who meets him loves him
  • After ending the feud with Robbie after all those years, he must be a good diplomat.
  • He could address the nation via the medium of massive concerts instead of boring speeches.
I'd better get on the blower to Lizzie Windsor before it's too late...

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  1. Love it! You are so right!!