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Sunday, 27 June 2010

We're Going Home, We're Going.... England's Going Home...

Much as I was "enjoying" all the WW2 comparisons, (guys, it was a WORLD WAR! It was about 70 YEARS AGO! This was a FOOTBALL GAME. It's not the same thing.), "We" (that's the England World Cup Team - not me and a bunch of my friends) were this afternoon absolutely thrashed by Ze Germans.

Cue a barrage of Facebook updates about Germans, the war, Capello, the team being crap, the players wages, etc etc.

Yes, ok, I got caught up in it for a couple of games - unlike my nephew, pictured here during this afternoon's match - I'd say I even became a little bit fond of the World Cup, but as predicted by Pete the Psychic Octopus, it's all over for "us" (again, just to be clear I'm referring to the England World Cup Team). Is anyone really surprised?
I'm reminded often enough by Mr G (he does, after all, support Liverpool) that I "just don't understand", and obviously I don't...

John Terry seemed more upset about losing the match than he did about being caught cheating on his wife (allegedly, supposedly, etc etc).

Capello will probably now get the sack - there doesn't appear to be such a thing as a verbal warning in the world of football management.

Across the land, people will be taking advantage of the British heatwave this evening, using their redundant England flags as kindling for their barbecues, and some poor sod will have to paint the Mount Pleasant pub back to its original colour.

And tomorrow morning we will all get up and go to work, most of us will still be skint, and the world will (I'm fairly confident) keep spinning. Much the same as if we had won.

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  1. An edited version of this post appeared in tonight's Evening Herald.