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Monday, 19 July 2010

The Fatkins Diet - You Won't Lose Weight but You'll Have a Great Time!

Nothing too exciting to report I'm afraid. Even though it was my birthday on Saturday I had a fairly quiet weekend. The above title came from the very appropriate card Nickers from Work got me. Below I have listed some of the very thoughtful presents I received. See if you can spot a pattern:

  • Luxury biscuits
  • a new mug for my new job
  • a multi pack of Flakes
  • 4 cans of Vimto
  • a massive bar of Dairy Milk
  • some cupcakes
  • a multi pack of Twirls
  • 4 bags of sweets
  • comedy cupcake cases

Below I have listed what's left:

  • Comedy cupcake cases

On Saturday night I watched the film Shutter Island which I thought was v good. If you like psychological thriller type films, you'll probably like this. Please let me know your thoughts if you have seen it.

Yesterday I was reading Look magazine and read an article about mother & daughter business partnerships. One such pair was Clare O'Connell and her mum Judith who run a cake company called Pop Bakery from their house in London.

It sounded interesting so I just googled it (did I mention I heart Google?) and discovered that they make these really pretty mini cakes called pops, because they are like little a cake on a lollipop stick! Although made in London, they can deliver anywhere in the UK.......Now where did I put that birthday money?


  1. Shutter Island.. good film, ever so slighltly confusing, but not for to long! ha! :-)

  2. What are you doing reading Look magazine? It hasn't been the same since their beauty writer left to become Beauty Editor at Best!

  3. Anirad: I thought I understood the ending but then I wasn't too sure so I had to Google it (!) for an interpretation and thankfully I had understood it correctly. I want to watch it again now that I know the ending. I really liked it though!

    PS: Don't worry, I read Best too. I read them all! And you left out "Award-winning" Beauty Editor. x