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Monday, 19 July 2010

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, What You Gonna Do?

Me and Mr G have stumbled across a new TV channel: CBS Reality.

We have become addicted to one particular programme called Cops. The name is fairly self explanatory. It's not pretending to be anything it isn't. It follows the Police on call outs.

We are currently watching a mental lady who has been arrested for biting someone in a liquor store when she tried to nick some beer "because her boyfriend told her to".

We've seen the Po Po called to a disturbance at a trailer park where they discovered a 90 year old woman had stabbed her 80 year old friend.

Another officer got called out in the middle of the night to remove a snake from the house of a lady hopping up and down in her nightdress, and had to pull her whole house apart before he found it. When he did she gave him a kiss.

At least once an episode they pull over an unsuspecting bloke who has picked up a prostitute who turns out to be a man. Cue some sarcastic comment from the officer like "Be grateful you got stopped by the Police tonight son, you were in for a bigger surprise than you realised!"

Aside from all this, you've got to watch it just to see how remarkably calm and respectful the Police manage to remain in the most frantic situations. If you've seen it, let me know!

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